Same photograph 48 years apart

The pictures below are both taken by the same person, in the same place, from the same spot, 48 years apart…almost to the day!

Dad Boating lake (2)I have carried this picture around with me for a very long time and as you can see it is fading a little now.  Mum reckons I was about 4 years old in this picture and I can actually remember the picture being taken. I also knew that it was taken in Sheringham but I didn’t know where.

When I visited Sheringham with my mother a few years ago I asked her where this picture was taken, to my amazement she literally just pointed out of our hotel window to where she thought it was. Mum thought the little boating lake was long gone and was now a flower bed.  I was just very happy to find the general area where it was taken.  Later that day we walked further up the sea front and to my absolute joy there it was, the little boating lake is in fact still there and as nothing has changed.

me boating lake 2013 bwI thought it only fitting and quite poignant that the same person that took the original picture should take the same view again. That person of course was my Mother. We both shed a little tear afterwards as my dad is no longer with us, and it was apt that the photo was taken on Fathers Day 2013. I shall treasure both images now forever.

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