Beverley in her art studio

Born in Bedfordshire but have travelled and worked all over the world, I trained as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator; I am now a full-time artist drawing most of my inspiration from the greatest designer of them all ‘Mother Nature’.

The observational study of wildlife, animals and the natural world is my motivation to create highly detailed pieces of work in a variety of mediums: Watercolour, Walnut Ink, Acrylic and Mosaic.

I love to study the shape and form of the creatures in the animal kingdom, exploring nature’s complex shapes, rhythms and patterns. Sometimes this takes an abstract form in my mosaic work, other painted works are complex and detailed illustrations of wildlife, farm animals, birds, fish and insects.

I have a particular passion for pollinators something that has resonated with me from childhood after visiting a local museum that had an indoor living beehive. I regularly creating bee and insect artworks from photographs I have taken in my garden or while out walking my dog.

Using nature’s kaleidoscope of vibrate colours, textures and paying close attention to detail allows me to produce artwork in celebration of the natural world that is all around us, in our gardens, parks, open spaces and countryside.

Introduction to my work

I specialising in creating bespoke high quality artwork in a variety of art mediums including Watercolour, Walnut Ink and Mosaic.

Alongside my portraits and wildlife work I also make handmade bespoke glass and ceramic mosaics.

If you would like to commission a piece of unique artwork, either painting or mosaic please contact me, I would be delighted to discuss your ideas with you.

Pet Portraits

I am an established animal portrait artist and have created many animal & pet portraits over several years.

It’s been privilege to have been commissioned to paint a huge variety of animals great and small.

If you would like a bespoke piece of art created of your beloved pet or you are maybe considering purchasing one painted as a present…