How to commission a portrait

How it works…

I would be delighted to create a portrait for you, commissioning a piece of portrait is fairly straight forward, please see the steps below:

Step 1.  Choosing a Photograph.

  • Only you will know the best characteristics in your pet so please take time to select your favourite photograph or alternatively take a photograph which shows their personality and character well.
  • If you are finding it hard to choose you can send me a few photographs and I can discuss with you the ones that would make the best images to create your portrait from.
  • The photograph must be clear showing the true colour of their fur and I must be able to see good detail in the eyes and on the nose.
  • If you need some help see guide on ‘How to photograph your pet’
  • Send your image(s) to

Step 2.  Size

Think about what size you would like, taking in to consideration:

  • Wall space and where you think you would like to hang it. Sizes.
  • How much you would like to spend. Prices

Step 3.  Watercolour or Graphite

Basically this is choosing whether you would like your portrait produced in colour (watercolour) or black and white (graphite).

Step 4.  Additional information

A few additional details I will need to know please:

  • What is the deadline that you need the paint for?

Please note ideally I need at least a 6 week lead time to create a picture this could be longer if I have a number of painting as already booked in around the period you request your painting for. Christmas is a prime example when I would ask for a booking to be secured as early as possible, some people book as early as September.

  • Who is the painting for?
  • Is your portrait going to be a surprise present for someone special, therefore will I need to be discreet when corresponding with you?

Step 5.  Booking your portrait

A deposit of 25% will secure the booking in my diary.

Step 6. Detail

  • My paintings take many hours to produce, I won’t rush them or cut corners as the finished painting is something I pride myself in.
  • My aim is to produce the best possible portrait for you from the image(s) you send to me, I can only paint what I see.
    See guide on ‘How to photograph your pet’
  • I will send you updates of the painting as it progresses.

Step 7.  Payment

Finally I will email you a photograph of the finished painting for you to sign off prior to me asking for payment and sending off your picture to you.

P&P prices on request

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