Dog paintings

Dogs are truly ‘mans best friend’ and for many people dogs are a much loved part of the family. Meanwhile working dogs providing vital services to help enhance our lives. 

I have had the pleasure of creating many dog paintings, and they are by far the most popular animal I am asked to paint.

All of my dog portraits celebrate the love of dogs,  and I am proud to have my work hanging on walls all over the world.

As a dog portrait artist I try to capture the character and special qualities of these amazing animals. My dog art is a celebration of all things canine.

Take a closer look...

Pet Portraits

I am an established animal portrait artist and have created many pet portraits over several years. 

I have been commissioned to paint all sorts of creatures great and small for many happy clients.

If you would like to get a bespoke piece of art create of your beloved pet or are considering purchasing one as a present